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Brand new social media study investigates relationships among Facebook use, narcissism and sympathy

To assess just how narcissistic they were, participants were given a standard narcissism questionnaire, where they had to select between statements that best explained them. For example , they had to decide among “ I like to be the center of attention” or “ I prefer in order to blend in with the crowd. ”

Narcissistic individuals have an exaggerated view of their attractiveness and want to talk about it with the world. The profile picture is the most tangible aspect of a user’ s online self-presentation, making it a touchstone for narcissists wanting to draw attention to themselves.

Adult dating Tips For Women – What Are The Simple Things You Should Know Before Going On A Date? (Middleton Jones)

Might 21, 2014

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Have you taken decision to go for dating? Well, prior to bouncing onto the dating scene, there are some dating tips for women. Some women get so thrilled at just the thought of being asked out on a date, which they often tend to go right into this without having any preparation. This often leads to them making lots of mistakes and finishing up not having sufficient amount of time in their dates at all. Therefore , before going out, you need to ponder over a number of tips mentioned below.

* First of all, you need to ask yourself what kind of guy you are searching for. Getting the answer to that question means you will not have to waste time courting with men who are not according to your preference.

* Secondly, you need to take a piece of courting advice for women, if the man who also approaches you and asks you to a date is someone who troubles you and someone with whom you are not comfortable, then do not go out with him. Very best point of roaming out on a date with a man who makes you really feel miserable.

* While on a date, do not forget to relax and become who you really are. You will have a better chance to give a good impression if you just be yourself rather than trying to imagine to be someone else. Apart from this, if factors do work out in the end, you will spare yourself the trouble of having to keep pretending to be someone else. A good relationship is a thing that is dependent on honesty and truth. Making pretence will just result in you more pain in the end.

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* While on the date, try to refrain yourself from complaining about everything. Bear in mind that you are there to reach know someone better and also to provide an opportunity to someone to see that there is a lot more to you.

* At last, you need to use your judgment. Learn to take decision between the right kind of guy and the wrong kind of guy. While on a date, also try to use your view to ascertain whether things are going on the right course or not.

Hence, these were some dating tips for women. Prior to going on date with any man, you should go through the tips mentioned above. These tips will make your dating pleasurable.

Kissing On The First Date

Kissing on the first date is a matter of preference: To kiss, or not to kiss? First dates are fascinating affairs, are they not?

Sometimes that preliminary encounter is riveting – laden with enjoyable conversation, reciprocal smiles, flirtatious touching, and provocative eye-contact. Yes, some first dates do live up to the hype.

Other times, that first date isn’t so memorable. Crickets chirp in the background while your mind wanders from work, to sports, in order to I wonder how all these crickets got into this bar.

Kissing on the first date, after a bad date, well there’s really no point in doing that, unless… Never mind.

But what about that great first date? It’s winding down – you must make your own move now or you risk ruining everything you’ve just accomplished. The lady wants to be kissed, you’re one-hundred-percent sure of it. In fact , if you had a dollar for every time she’s made a point to squeeze your bicep on this date, you’d have earned a free round of drinks. She’s been flinging her hair, and licking her lips, and she even winked at you. Who winks? She winks. And winks are excellent. Winks are the eyes’ invitation to use those lips for something aside from talking. Kissing. Just kiss her already.

Finally, you recognize your opening; that still moment when there’s nothing left to say or do but walk to your respective vehicles, or, put those lips in order to good use with a bold first-kiss. Decisions, decisions.

Ask yourself this: if you make a move – attempt a kiss – what is the worst thing that can happen?


But… she… the winking… Oh the embarrassment! You went for it; put yourself out there and he or she gave you cheek. You can’t make-out with a cheek, can you? Probably not, or at least I wouldn’t advise it.

So your kiss try failed, what next?


You’ll get over it. A miss on a kiss is not the end of the world; just means she 1) isn’t into you, or 2) doesn’t feel comfortable kissing you, yet. Individuals have rules. In fact , in this 2009 content by Glamor. com, several ladies admitted to withholding first-date smooches from men they viewed as possible long-term partners. In other words, a failed kiss attempt on a first-date isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


What’s the best thing that can happen if you try your luck at the kiss on the first date?

Oh, the possibilities are unlimited, my friends.

You identify your opening and efficiently unite your lips with hers. You’re kissing now – she’s touching you. You’re touching her, too. Do it! Slide your hand down a bit, you’ve been kissing pertaining to five minutes! This is going well you think in order to yourself right before reminding yourself never to think; just kiss.

I can get used to kissing these lips.

“What’s that? Sure, I’d love to return to your place for a ‘coffee’. ”

And then… RATING!

Or maybe not. But you’ll never know if you don’t go in for the kiss.

Kissing on the first date is an interesting topic because there are two contrasting schools of thought concerning this contentious matter. Differing opinions can be summed up by the simple clashing associated with rules vs romance.

One group believe the kiss is sacred and intimate – it should only be practiced with someone special, and how can you possibly understand someone is special on the first date? Sounds logical. The people on this side of the fence won’t end up being kissing you on date primary, such behaviour is against their particular strict dating code.

The alternative way of looking at first date kissing is: a kiss is only a kiss. Sure, it’s intimate, but this isn’t 1954; I’m perfectly fine with a lip-on-lip ending to the great evening I just acquired. These people are kiss-o-maniacs, plain and simple. They’ll kiss the (expletive) out of you, and you’ll like it. When two kiss-o-maniacs have a great first date, make-out sessions ensue. Everybody wins.

To each their own. Kissing on the first date is a matter of preference more than anything else. There is absolutely no right or wrong philosophy, techniques what is best for you.

Ladies, what’s your stance on first date kissing?

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The particular Exception to the Rule

I have discovered a phenomenon that I contact the “ Exception to the Rule Syndrome”. It happens when we acknowledge a stereotype and then meet someone who does not fit that stereotype.

A good friend of mine from my days in pest control befriended me on Face-Book. We had never discussed politics or religion so I think it surprised him to find out I am politically conservative and a devout Christian, just as I was surprised to find out he is a far left progressive who left the particular Catholic church years ago. When I pleasantly disagreed with one of the President’ s policies on his time line I obtained several hateful responses from their progressive friends calling me a Nazi and a racist, among other things. He looked after me stating he knows personally and that I am a good guy instead of a racist (like all of the some other conservatives). I then became the exception to the rule even though I have a large number of conservative friends on and off Face-Book not one of whom is a racist, even the Tea Party Patriots. Those progressives would rather continue in their prejudice against all conservatives than to admit that most of us are not racist even though we do disagree with the policies our current President, regardless of his race.

On the other hand, conservatives tend to think all liberals are “ baby killers” because or their own support for abortion up to plus during birth. When they encounter a liberal who thinks abortion should be limited to early in the first trimester except when the mother’ s a lot more at risk, they automatically categorize all of them as an exception rather than accept that lots of, if not most, liberals oppose late term or partial birth abortions for a reason other than to save the particular mother’ s life.

I first encountered the exception syndrome when I was a pest administration trainer and I was asked in order to fill in for a sick technician within the far northwest suburbs of Chi town. The area was new to me but I was happy help. One commercial customer on that route was obviously a tavern in a small town. I presented myself and began to perform the particular service. They had Oprah on TV and the customers and bar owner were making derogatory comments. I had in no way heard the “ N” word used that often or that vehemently even growing up in the fifties plus sixties in southern Indiana. Knowing that the regular technician was black, I actually wondered how in the world he could tolerate such a hostile environment. In between expletives the owner pointed out where Willie usually treats and reminded me to look down in the cellar like Willie always does. As the owner had been signing my service ticket this individual asked if Willie would be back next month and I told him that he should be. He was very pleased plus couldn’ t stop praising Willie and his good work. Even among the customers chimed in, “ He is a good guy. ” That technician was obviously the only black individual with whom they had personal get in touch with. As they got to know him they saw he didn’ t suit their racial stereotype. Rather than put aside their prejudice they simply determined he must be an “ exception to the rule”.

In recent years our society has become more and more divided along religious, political, racial plus ethnic lines. We tend to segregate ourselves with those with whom we feel comfortable and relate. The much less contact we have with people of different backgrounds and beliefs, the easier it is for us accept the stereotypes. The solution for this syndrome is simple. We must integrate ourself back into society and interact with everybody with whom we come into contact with the particular assumption that most people are good, sincere folks who are just trying to do what exactly is right for themselves and their families, just as we are. We will run into an occasional fool or fool, but the more individuals we get to know the more we will understand that we have a lot more in common than we thought. We all want a better culture in which to live and raise a family, but it will only happen if we join together to make it a reality. It won’ t happen as long as we always hurl insults at each other across the chasms that currently divide all of us.

That is A Wrap – Living Lifetime Large!

As we all process what we would like to achieve plus gain in this journey called life, it is essential that we stop and consider stock honestly of where we have been, where the road turned and triggered us to miss an important action and what prevents us from discovering that still small space within us where we can reorient, revive plus refresh our spirits.

You may be surprised to learn you have in some way surrounded yourself with a partner, spouse or friend who is too needy or controlling to allow you this rightful area to regenerate.

If this is the case, you will note that these are the ones requiring all of these things most of the time. There is simply never time to suit your needs. You cannot continue a successful journey with out removing this roadblock from your route.

That is dangerous. This type of thinking enslaves us to somebody else’ s dream which may become your nightmare.

Uncontrolled emotions are also dangerous; yours or theirs.

You exist in the vehicle you chose to traveling across the great river of life in. You are in a leaky ship for the journey if your emotions manage you. There is a time for feelings; it is not decision time about individuals, places or important things.

This is vitally important to the success of the journey. Uncontrolled emotions, or leaking containers, account for the constant loss of job opportunities, homes, relationships and all the things that really are a part of our everyday life. It is that will important to gain control and then believe with your head only from that time forward. You feel with your heart after the decision making is completed.

Spend some quiet time alone getting comfortable in your own skin. Learn to love the individual you are, as you are. You are a perfect picture created in God’ s similarity. Does this necessarily mean He seems like you? More likely, he is a part of a person that cannot be separated. When you leak, He weeps. He is the expression of the very best that you can be, the best level of mastery you can attain inside your lifetime, all expressed in plus through you! No wonder you’ lso are a miracle; that is heady stuff.

Embrace your mistakes; these are the best evidence of higher learning in your private history book. Acknowledge them, claim them and own the lessons a person gained from them.

Reduce your fear; our Creator did not instill this in us. It does not take tool of evil doers whom seek to enslave you to their particular misery.

Dare to get faith and dare to wish big.

Don’ capital t limit your good by assuming that you have to know how to reach your goal. Just set it and allow your much more powerful subconscious brain tend to the how part of it. If you are not bound to the how from it, you are free to reach much higher within personal fulfillment and joy within this journey.

Vow to prevent allow the pursuit of material things to enslave you to a place of existence that will not truly being you joy. Spiritual journeys are often derailed by the quest for material things. Put them in appropriate perspective.

Breathe deeply’ say thank you many times a day to the universe and to your Creator for the large number of blessings we take for granted.

Become a seasoned traveler; recognize the particular signs, stop for small joys, leave a light footprint and embrace all the joy you can hold; after that spread it around.

Friendship: Connection or Neediness?

Friendship is a big topic. You can find people who always seem to have many buddies, and others who can’ t seem to find the way to make friends. Some people possess deeply connected friendships, and others possess only superficial acquaintances. What makes up about these differences?

A part of the answer lies in Jayne’ s query:

“ When it comes to friendship, I sometimes hesitate to call a friend out of fear that I’ m reaching out too frequently. Now that I have been practicing Inner Bonding, I am aware showing how I have reached out to friends from the needy place. I really want to connect to my friends, but part of me hesitates because I don’ t want to reach out from an empty place any longer. How can I differentiate from my wanting to reach out for connection from a full place versus an empty place? ”

This is a great query. One important thing to ask yourself when you want to reach out to a friend is, “ Why do I want to get together with this particular person? ”

If you are being honest with yourself and then you’re coming from neediness and emptiness, the solution might be that you want to get something – attention, connection, approval or approval. If you are questioning yourself about the frequency of reaching out, then it is likely you are reaching out from an empty place.

When we want to get together with a friend to share something – fun, nurturing, connection, and/or support for each some other – then we are likely coming from a full place within. We can’ t connect with another if we are usually disconnected from ourselves, so we either want to get link or to share connection . Are you reaching out, as Jayne says, for connection , or to reveal from your connected place?

When we want to share our nurturing with a friend, we don’ to need to worry about how often we are reaching out. We all love genuine caring, and it certainly not feels like too much – as long as it’ s true caring. But right here it can get tricky: are you nurturing to get something back, or have you been caring from a full heart that doesn’ t expect anything back again?

Often , people who are needy will act caring in order to get caring – giving to get. When this is the situation, the other person doesn’ t feel cared about. Instead, they feel pulled at and drained.

Sondra, another one of my customers, recently said to me:

“ There is a woman in my living, Lacey, who I’ ve reputed for a long time. She has no friends and he or she considers me her best friend. But I don’ t even think about her a friend. Whenever I talk to her on the phone, she speaks and I listen and I end up feeling drained. She keeps telling me personally how much she loves me, yet this doesn’ t feel like like. I don’ t want to harm her, but I don’ to want to talk with her anymore. ”

There is a good reason Lacey has no friends. She calls to get attention, not to give or reveal caring. But she tries to conceal her intent by saying she loves Sondra. Obviously, we can not hide our intent. Sondra feels anything but cared about.

If you don’ t have buddies, then start on the path of becoming your own personal best friend. As you learn to love and value yourself, you will naturally become more caring of others. As you learn to fill yourself with love, you will naturally have like to share with others. Then you don’ to need to wonder why you don’ to have friends, or wonder just how frequently it’ s okay to reach out to them.

ADULT DATING FOR DOG LOVERS: YouMustLoveDogsDating Web site Review

YouMustLoveDogsDating. com is really a newly launched dating site created specifically for single men and women with canines who yearn for a relationship with someone who also wants their canine companions to be part of the “ family. ”

For those of us who consider our dogs part of the family, we sometimes have difficulty detailing that relationship to others. It’ s not usually that much of the concern – unless we’ lso are lonesome and want to meet someone for the loving relationship. Then our dogs become part of the equation, don’ t these people?

The recent general public outpouring of concern for Danny, the RCMP Police Dog left without its handler after the shooting of five Mounties in Moncton, Brand new Brunswick, certainly shows that we aren’ t alone in our feelings.

Kris Rotonda, founder and CEO of the newly redesigned online dating site for dog lovers known as YouMustLoveDogsDating. com, wants to help public with canine companions meet their perfect human counterparts.

While dating for several years, Kris, age group twenty-six, and the owner of 4 dogs, encountered an unexpected problem – not everyone is a dog person. Actually some are downright callous within their treatment of man’ s best friend.

“ One girl I’ d dated – I couldn’ t believe it – she just left her dogs beside me and never came back for them! ” Kris explains, who “ felt an obvious need for a dating site designed for dog lovers. ”

“ Growing up, I had no idea there have been actually people out there who didn’ capital t care for or treat their canines well. Dogs require a full dedication from owners every day, and this relationship is just like a parent-child relationship. When you’ re dating, you need to discover people who understand that bond. ”

Now in a long-term partnership, Kris states that his “ dating site for dog enthusiasts is similar to a niche site that seeks to match singles who are also mothers and fathers, who refuse to compromise their love for their children for a potential intimate partner. ”


The Online dating Site now boasts more than 2 million members, and continues to grow. Getting started is easy. Singles can register any time and complete their profile. Then, they can choose one of three monthly payment options.

“ One of the mechanics that so many hopeful singles love about the site is that their canines are a perfect means to vet a potential partner, ” Kris explains.

“ So many dating sites nowadays seem to create a perpetual cycle of short-term hookups, but there are untold millions of people out there like me, who want true love – the real deal – in a partnership that respects and even treasures the powerful bonds we already have. ”

Quote of the 7 days: “ After all, why do comprehensive strangers at the dog park talk like old friends? ” – Kris




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Utilization of gestures reflects language instinct in young children

Young children instinctively use a ‘ language-like’ structure to connect through gestures. Research led from the University of Warwick suggests whenever young children are asked to use actions to communicate, their gestures portion information and reorganise it directly into language-like sequences. This suggests that children are not just learning language from old generations, their preference for communication has shaped how languages seem today.

Doctor Sotaro Kita from Warwick’ s i9000 Department of Psychology led the study with Dr Zanna Clay in the University of Neuchatel, Ms Sally Pople at the Royal Hampshire Hospital and Dr Bruce Hood in the University of Bristol.

In the paper, published in the log Psychological Science , the research team examined how four-year-olds, 12-year-olds and adults used actions to communicate in the absence of presentation. The study investigated whether their gesturing breaks down complex information into simpler concepts. This is similar to the way that language expresses complex information simply by breaking it down into units (such as words) to express a simpler idea, which are then strung together right into a phrase or sentence.

The researchers showed the individuals animations of motion events, depicting either a smiling square or group that moved up or lower a slope in a particular way (eg jump or rolling). Every participant was asked to use their own hands to mime the motion they saw on the screen without speaking. The researchers examined whether the upward or downward path and the manner of motion were expressed concurrently in a single gesture or expressed in two separated gestures depicting its manner or path.

Dr Kita said: “ Compared to the 12-year-olds and the adults, the four-year-olds showed the strongest tendencies in order to down the manner of motion and the route of motion into two separate gestures, even though the manner and route were simultaneous in the original occasion.

“ This means the four-year-olds miming was more language-like, breaking down complex information into simpler units and expressing one piece of information at a time. Just as young children are good at learning languages, they also tend to make their communication look more like the language. ”

Doctor Clay said: “ Previous research of sign languages created by hard of hearing children have shown that young children make use of gestures to segment information and also to re-organise it into language-like sequences. We wanted to examine whether hearing children are also more likely to use gesture to communicate the features of a meeting in segmented ways when compared to children and adults. ”

The researchers suggest the study provides insight into why languages of the world have universal properties.

Dr Kita added: “ All languages of the world break down complex information into simpler units, such as words, and express them one by one. This may be because all languages have been learned by, therefore shaped simply by, young children. In other words, generations of young children’ s preference for communication may have shaped how languages seem today. ”

several Characteristics Women Find Attractive within Men

Men seem to believe that women think like them whenever we know they really do not at all. Especially, we often think they are looking at the same things in men as we are in women, and although there are commonalities there are far more differences.

When a man sees a woman, the first thing he notices usually is the girl physical attractiveness. If she is smoking hot yet wearing dirty cut clothes and covered in mud, she is still smoking hot. At this point clothes and grooming absolutely can make a difference, but it comes behind organic beauty. Of course a great personality could make women more attractive, but compared to actual attractiveness it is marginal.
To a woman, physical attractiveness does not come first. In fact women will think about a man to be more physical appealing if he embodies the several characteristics below, and one of them is not wealth!

All the less than attractive guys you see along with beautiful women are not rich, several have the three characteristics we listing below.

First of all we have to mention confidence because confidence is extremely attractive! Not a boasting in your encounter confidence, but a cool, confident attitude which subconsciously sends attraction indicators. One reason women often end up with obnoxious men is that obnoxious many men confident, and may be far more appealing than “ nice guys” which lack confidence.

Second on the list is fun. Women like men who are fun, which means that they are visibly and maybe even audibly having fun and bringing individuals into their fun experiences and globe. Who doesn’ t like fun people?

Fun men usually are passionate, and non fun men usually just go with the paces in life. Which one sounds much better?

Appearance is the third and of incredible importance. Now look is not physical attractiveness but it will include it. Appearance includes the way you dress, the shoes you wear, your personal grooming habits, whether you are remotely physically fit, body language and much more.

Upgrading your wardrobe is easy and ladies care. Take a female friend buying with you, throw out your ratty t-shirts, and wear actual shoes. You might be surprised how comfortable and inexpensive decent clothes and footwear are, and women care. Using male terminology, you might go from a “ 5″ to an “ 8″ simply by wearing decent jeans, a real shirt, shoes, and getting an even half good haircut.

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